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Early Detection Pregnancy Test

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Many changes take place in a woman's body when she is about to conceive. Most of them are never noticeable until a certain period. Though missing periods after the sex are the universal indication about one's being pregnant, it is still better to perform early detection pregnancy tests.

When you are not sure and wondering if you are pregnant or not, you can resort to an early detection pregnancy test. You can do the test with the pregnancy check kit. This kit is available in local as well as online pharmacy. If you are asking for it over the counter, the salesperson will ask for a prescription since it is a generic product where there is no need to swallow something.

The pregnancy check kit is a tiny technology device measuring less than six inches in length. It can easily fit in one single hand, as its weight is not more than few ounces. There are at least ten to twenty similar products available in the market. Even the cost of this kit is less bothersome to your pocket. You need not to have to seek suggestions from others in order to use it. You just need to read the instructions, which will take less than five minutes, on the packet and do it accordingly. You can see the result within few seconds or minutes.

Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Early detection pregnancy test is necessary to prepare for the best moment in your life. It confirms your pregnancy and reminds you about the required steps to take in order to have a healthy baby. You can do the test in your home all alone. You just need to put few drops of urine on the device and in few seconds, you will have the news that will change your life. When you are pregnant, your body produces HGC hormone. This hormone built ups in your body because of the developing placenta. When you urinate, the urine contains some quantity of this hormone confirming your pregnancy.

If you feel that the pregnancy checkup kit will not provide you the accurate result, you can visit any gynecology/obstetric clinic. The lab assistants will need blood and urine sample. He/she will announce the news only after testing those samples in the lab. However, you must know that the results generated by the pregnancy check kit are 97% reliable if done as instructed.

The accuracy of the early detection pregnancy test will also depend on when you are performing the test. You need to wait for a minimum one week from the day you have missed your period. Actually, this much time is needed for your body to generate the HCG hormone. Though there are rare chances of negative results, it is advisable to perform the test once again after a week. Till this time, the HCG hormone level will automatically increase if you are pregnant. In some women, the release of HCG hormone in the body takes place much early, actually less than 10 days. Since the presence of the hormone in your body is the signs of pregnancy, the test kit would determine its presence with your urine sample.

When the result is confirmed, you can make an appointment with your doctor. As the pregnancy period lasts for nine months, the consultant will perform countless tests to maintain and monitor yours as well as the baby’s health. He/she will also provide a tentative date of delivery. You can expect one or two weeks before or after the due date. These days, ultrasound is the most sought-after test to keep a check on the development of the fetus. Though in some countries, sex determination test is illegal, the ultrasound test can be done to identify whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Regular checkups as directed by the consultant are necessary to avoid any complications while giving birth to the child. You should also follow his/her suggestions on diet, and exercises as both these will provide you the strength to bear the labor pain and avoid cesarean.

It is necessary to relax and do not over stress yourself throughout your pregnancy. For anything this is happening to you will directly affect the baby. Therefore, early detection pregnancy test is compulsory to protect you and your baby from something unpleasant.

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