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What would a woman pick given a choice in between a fortune and a baby? Definitely, she will opt for a baby even though she might be leading a life that is full of poverty, hard work, and with no luck. Such is the joy of conceiving a baby that it can make even the less fortunate to feel like the richest person on the earth. Whatever social, economic, ethnic origin you may belong to, pregnancy news will make you jump for joy. The scale and intensity of your happiness will just be the same or more when you know very soon you are about to give birth to a child.

A routine of health check up follows with the news and joy of conceiving. The first pregnancy check up is very exciting as well as stressful. To see the first light of the day, the baby has to be inside your stomach for nine months. Since a new life is growing and developing inside your womb, it is necessary to nurture and care for it from the beginning. Therefore, the first visit is often lengthy than other checkups. In this visit, your doctor will go into lots of details. He/she will ask you about your family’s medical history to confirm if there is any abnormality so that they can treat you according. Further, personal details such as menstrual cycle, usage of any contraceptive pill, suffering from any allergies, previous pregnancies, abortion, if any, etc. You can share anything and everything with your doctor. If presence of a family member is bothering you, talk to your consultant in private. There is nothing to worry about your personal details being leaked. Your consultant is only concerned about you and the life taking shape inside you. The more you are open to a doctor, better are the chances of having a risk-free pregnancy.

If you are wondering about what to expect during first pregnancy check up, here are the lists that will prepare you.

The first pregnancy check up will take place in between 6 to 12 weeks. Though you might have confirmed the news with a pregnancy check kit, your medical consultant will still do the test again. This is the starting procedure of the check up and you will have to do urine and blood test. The doctor may even go for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

Next, finding the expected date of delivery is necessary. The doctor will consider the last day of your menstrual period to calculate it. If you fail to note down the date or could not recall it, your consultant will find out with an ultrasound test by measuring how much the baby has grown up.

Further, it is necessary to find out your overall wellness and health. This will be a general physical checkup of your heart, lungs, and breasts. Your weight and height will be measured along with the blood pressure. Your doctor will guide you if you need to increase or decrease your weight after checking it. Blood pressure check will show if you have low or high pressure. This means either your heart is exerting extra pressure or working slowly to circulate your blood within the body.

A pelvic examination will be the next in the check up list. It is essential to find out if there is any threat of infections through STD (sexually transmitted disease), or other cancerous virus and bacteria. In this test, a woman’s genital organ, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder and rectum is checked to ensure the baby is out of danger from infections.

To find out that you are not affected from anemia, blood clotting problem, hepatitis B, HIV, and other genetic diseases, which can affect the baby, the doctor will check your blood sample. The test will also confirm any Rh-negativity.

A Pap smear test is essential during the first pregnancy check up to identify risk of cervical cancer. Check on your urine sample is also necessary to detect urinary tract infection, and diabetes. When all the initial tests are over, the doctors will give lots of advice that you have to abide till the time of delivery. You may also get a checkup schedule card for further appointments. He/she will also expect questions from you and rectify all of your concerns.

Depending on your medical history and past pregnancies report, if any, the tests during the first pregnancy check up will vary. However, the time and stress you have to go during the first appointment is all the worth in providing all the vital care and nutrition to the baby.

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