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When you are pregnant, suggestions will keep flowing in from all the four corners. The elders in your family, neighbors, friends and relatives will start sharing pregnancy experience with you. Each one will have their own views on dos and don’ts and at the end, you will be confused as what to follow and what to ignore. Hence, a comprehensive pregnancy guide is what you need at this special moment of your life. And if something valuable comes without asking and free, you will hit the jackpot. To make you worry-free and enjoy the wonderful moment of your life, we are providing you with a free pregnancy guide to help you know how you baby shape-up each trimester.

Pregnancy is a very delicate and sensitive period of one’s life. Whether this is your first time, or you already are a mother, there is always a special feeling each time you are carrying a child in your womb. Lots of emotions, joy and expectations are brimming in everyone’s heart. With ecstasy, there is also worry over the health and growth of the baby. When both joy and tension are going hand in hand, getting some relief with the free pregnancy guide is perfect for this moment.

Early pregnancy detection will help you to prepare for the full nine months. Pregnancy is observed and monitored over a period of three equal trimesters. Each trimester is unique since your baby starts developing as it completes one and enters into another trimester. Here are the details about what you should expect throughout your pregnancy.

The First Trimester

The initial three month of your pregnancy is the first trimester. It starts from week one and lasts up to week twelve. The fertilized eggs after releasing the fallopian tubes enter the uterus where it goes through lots of changes before they start developing into an embryo. At the end of week four, the fertilized eggs would have already starting creating a new life inside you. By week six, your baby’s heart starts pumping blood and the nervous system start forming. The baby gets a C-shape and the arm and leg buds start taking shape. The fingers and toes connected with skins start forming after two weeks. By week 9, your baby’s heart is almost developed. Eyelids, hair follicles and nipples start appearing till this time. The breathing activities take place at week 10 as by this time the embryo has turned into a developing baby. Almost all the body organs are developed by week 11 with proper function. Your baby can do activities inside your womb like stretching, moving head and sucking thumb. Nose and lips appear at the end of week 12. By now, your baby has started producing and excreting urine. During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will go through a routine of morning sickness due to hormonal changes taking place inside you.

The Second Trimester

From the starting of week 13, you will get relief from lots of symptoms experienced during the first trimester. Doctors say that the second-trimester phase of pregnancy is the most trouble-free than others. At week 14, you can hear your baby’s heart beating. You can also know at this time if the baby inside you is a boy or a girl, if sex determination is allowed in your country. Nose, lips and taste buds appear at this stage. Your baby is also able to rotate his/her eyes and give expression by moving the eyebrows. By week 18, your baby can respond to sounds around you. She/he will also react to the sound if it is too loud. By week 20, the baby will get a protection layer over the skin. The baby’s brain will start developing at a rapid phase during week 22. At week 23, the baby’s will get an extension of his/her genital organs. Week 24 is the stage when the baby’s scalp will grow hair. At the end of second trimester, your baby is ready to react to sound, light and darkness.

The Third Trimester

The last stage of the pregnancy period is referred as the third trimester. It is the period from week twenty-eight to week forty. By this time, the nervous system of your baby such as head, eye and brain are fully developed. Only the lung will take time to grow which has started developing at week 26. By week 32, fingernails have grown completely. The baby can close and open her/his eyes by now. Your baby will weigh about 2 to 4 pounds due to which you will feel backache and get exhausted. Week 36 is the time for your baby to breathe his/her first air outside the mother’s womb.

We hope this free pregnancy guide will help you to know about all the stages your baby grows in each trimester. Many things you will have to follow and care for such as diet, exercises and medications as directed by your doctor. Lastly, we would recommend you to follow instructions from your doctor, as he/she is the best guide for your pregnancy.

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