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Month Wise Pregnancy Checkup

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Your month wise pregnancy checkup will cover many tests that are essential for both yours as well as the baby’s health inside you. For the first seven month, you will meet your consultant once a month. After that, you will need to meet him/her twice a week. In the last month, you will need to go to the clinic once a week.

Here is the list of the tests and checkups you will have to go through each month.

Month 1

Visiting the healthcare professional is sometime not possible in the first month, since you may never know that you are pregnant till this time. Therefore, your first appointment will generally be in the second or mid weeks of the third month.

The consultant will assess your health and get details of medical history of you and your family. If there is something strange about your family, you must inform the physician. This is also the perfect time to throw up all your questions and get information about the diet, exercise, dos and don’ts, etc.

Generally, the first month pregnancy check up will cover the following:

  • Blood and urine samples test to confirm your pregnancy, and other tests
  • He/she will take a medical history and details of family background
  • Do a complete overall health check up
  • Perform vaginal testing to identify if one is suffering from infection or other diseases
  • Provide counseling session depending on your genetic condition
  • Measure height, weight and breast size
  • You will receive a checkup card describing the dates each month you have to visit, and to record the weight and other details

Month 2

The second appointment is usually shorter than the first one. Your consultant will Check your blood pressure, check if any part of the body has swollen or not, especially hands and feet, work on symptoms as asked and described by you, and check weight and urine sample

Month 3

Till your third appointment, each of your visit and check up is crucial. Doctors can confirm if you have no risk of miscarriage. Your third appointment will indicate that you have completed first trimester of your pregnancy. This is the time when you can actually listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

At the third visit, your doctor will check

  • Health and condition of the fetus
  • Development of the uterus inside your abdomen
  • Weight
  • Any swelling of hands and feet
  • Confirm and book a bed for you one or two days before the due date

Month 4

Your weight will go up by 2 to 4 pounds till this time. You will recover from the early symptoms of restlessness, nausea and fatigue. You will also need loose and comfortable clothing. Some of the tests will be the same unless you report about something unusual about you. It will include:

  • Checking blood pressure
  • Development of the uterus inside your abdomen
  • Checking heartbeat of the baby
  • Checking hands and feet for swelling

Month 5

Till this time, you will have completed half the duration of the pregnancy cycle. Some of the routine checks in the fifth appointment will be:

  • Checking fetal heartbeat
  • Blood pressure
  • Checking size and shape of the uterus
  • Checking any swelling of hands and feet

Month 6

During this time, you have gained much weight since the baby inside your womb has grown up. Most of the checks will be the same as conducted during the fourth and fifth month. Only additional test will include checking of swollen nerves in your leg as your legs are supporting your abdominal weight.

Month 7

The check in your seventh appointment will be similar to the previous ones. Here, the doctor will check the baby’s growth and position inside your womb. Glucose tolerance testing to check early signs of diabetes and blood test for anemia and antibodies will be done.

Month 8

This is the eight month of your pregnancy, and you need to visit your doctor twice a week. During this appointment, your physician will perform the same test you have gone in your seventh appointment. The only difference you will notice is the absence of varicose veins and glucose tolerance testing.

Month 9

This is the last and final stage of your pregnancy cycle. This stage will increase your visits since you have to meet your consultant weekly. This appointment will be slightly longer than all the previous ones as you are nearing the due date. Apart from the usual tests, additional test would include checking the thinning of the entrance of the womb, baby’s position, checking the engagement of the presenting part, and discussing your concerns.

These are the general month wise pregnancy check up you have to follow. However, it will depend on the expertise of your consultant how he/she handles your pregnancy.

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