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Documenting the progress of pregnancy over nine months through photographs is a wonderful idea. The pictures will help you in monitoring your health in a systematic way.

There is also an emotional value to this. Pregnancy pictures can be your most valuable treasure which you want to preserve for a lifetime. These pictures will refresh the memories the good old days of your pregnancy. You can also share these memories with your baby when she is old enough to understand all this.

One can start taking pregnancy pictures as soon as one becomes pregnant and can continue till full nine months. Taking pictures of labor and child birth depends on one's discretion. One can also have the pictures of ultrasound scans.

Here we have shown the pictures of the stages of pregnancy. These graphics of pregnancy stages are used to provide information on different stages of pregnancy a woman has to go through. It gives information on the growth and development of the baby at each stage over nine months. Knowing how your baby grows and what size it is at different stages, will help you prepare yourself mentally for the labor. Just for the sake of fun and enjoyment, we have compared the size of the developing baby with that of fruits and vegetables.

Whatever the measurements or sizes related to different stages of pregnancy these picture show are based on an average value after studying various pregnant women. If it doesn't match you, do not panic because each pregnancy is different. Always be in contact with your doctor or health care provider.

Given below are the pictures of pregnancy stages by weeks. Please note that pictures of pregnancy stages are big and may take some time to load.

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 8

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 12

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 16

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 20

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 24

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 28

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 32

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 36

Pictures of pregnancy stages : week 40

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