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Swine Flue In Pregnancy

Pregnancy and swine flu together can be a very risky combination. It can harm you as well as your fetus for the rest of the life. The vaccinations, like tamiflu are very safe options when you are pregnant. You should therefore visit the doctor, when you feel the symptoms.

Swine Flue In Pregnancy

Women get more vulnerable, as their pregnancy gets matured. This is due to certain hormonal secretions that make our body extremely weak and vulnerable. In many cases, a pregnant woman is unable to resist all those diseases which she very easily combated before her pregnancy. Pregnancy and swine flu are no exception. Your body can be very vulnerable to any kind of flu, including Swine flu. Pregnancy and swine flu can be a deadly combination. It has been found that pregnant women accounted for 6% of all swine flu deaths in USA.

Pregnancy and Swine flu is considered as a Ďhigh riskí combinations. According to the CDC rules and regulations, a pregnant woman, or a woman with an infant, is given the first preference while vaccination. Pregnant woman have to take at most care during her stages of pregnancy.CDC permits, pregnant women and mother of infants to stand first in all vaccination queues.

Symptoms Of Swine Flu:

Swine flu symptoms are same for everyone. But if you contract swine flu during pregnancy, then the chances are you will suffer more, as the virus is likely to mutate faster when you are pregnant. This is because of the weak immune system that is typical to pregnancy.

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Body aches
  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Head aches
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Running nose

You may mistake these symptoms for any other ordinary flu, and take simple, over the counter medication for it. But these medications most definitely cannot recover you. It is therefore advisable to visit the doctor, the moment you witness any of these symptoms. A quick diagnosis of pregnancy and swine flu, can give a wide escape to you and your child.

Pregnancy And Swine Flu Risk:

Swine flu is a very new disease. The researchers are still not sure whether the virus can reach the baby inside the womb, through the placenta. Therefore, due to this ignorance, you should never take a chance. The risk of catching swine flu continues for a whole week after the onset of the illness. But if you are pregnant, then you may be contagious for more than weeks. This may lead to preterm labor and pregnancy risks like still birth and spontaneous abortion.

Pregnancy and swine flu affect on your fetus:

  • Your baby may develop lifelong health problems.
  • Your baby is more likely to have heart disease, than the other population.
  • The chances of schizophrenia would be three times more, if your pregnancy and swine flu collide together.
  • Pregnancy and swine flu, together may lead to abnormal fetal development.
  • It can increase chronic disease of aging in your baby.

Precautionary Measures For H1N1 In Pregnancy:

Swine flu is a very contagious disease. Once it hits the city, it may not be very easy for you to stay calm and peaceful, especially if you are pregnant. However, if you are pregnant, then take the following precautions:

  • If anyone in the family is having symptoms of swine flu, then take him to the doctor immediately.
  • Avoid leaving the house as much as possible.
  • If you go out use N-95 masks, or triple layer disposal masks.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a thick, disposable paper napkin or tissue paper.
  • Request others to do the same.
  • Each time you cough and sneeze, wash your hands.
  • Each time you touch someone who came from outside, wash your hands, and make him wash his hands too.
  • Drink tea soups and hot drinks (Do not drink coffee. It is not good for pregnancy). Heat prevents mutation of H1N1.
  • Do not touch or scratch your nose or eyes. Do not put your hands into your mouth unnecessarily.
  • Have a plan of the dos and doníts, in case you fall ill.
  • Anti viral drugs like tamiflu, Relenza, can be taken during pregnancy or breast feeding. It would be safe. However, do not take them without the doctorís recommendation.

As the fetus grows, it exerts more pressure on the motherís breathing and lungís functioning. This factor, coupled with reduction in immunity system, leads to several secondary infections like pneumonia. This puts the mother and the fetus, at maximum risk during the third trimester. Most pregnancy and swine flu deaths are reported during this period.

The first thing you should do during pregnancy and swine flu spread in the city, is to visit the doctor and take immediate suggestion about how you should deal with it, what precautions you should take and what medications would be suitable for you. Listen to your doctor, and protect your child and yourself. A few doses of tamiflu and relenza, has proved to be safe options in case your body is not preoccupied with some other diseases. Therefore, the best option is to go for a fast diagnosis and a quick treatment.

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