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Back pain and Causes of Pregnancy back pain

Pregnancy back pain is a very natural phenomenon. Though it cannot be completely avoided, it can be brought under control by adherence to very simple precautions and following a few easy pregnancy exercises. However, before exercising, one must keep a few things in mind to get completely rid of pregnancy back pain.

Back pain is an inevitable part of pregnancy. It cannot be avoided and every woman has to go through it. There are many reasons that lead to lower back pain in pregnancy:

Pregnancy Back Pain

Causes of Pregnancy back pain : 
  • This is the weight that you usually do not need to experience. All of a sudden, you are subjected to take some extra load, which you are not used to.
  • On a scientific note, the centre of gravity of your body changes. It shifts to your lower back. The lower back is overloaded with weight as compared to the torso.
  • The back muscles automatically become more active than ever before, as most women start leaning on their back, during the latter stages of their pregnancy.
  • Pain is also caused due to weakness in abdominal muscles
  • Causes of Pregnancy back pain may also be pertained to hormonal changes that occur during this period. The release of hormones increases up to ten folds during pregnancy. These hormones relax the pelvic joints, so that the baby can pass easily during delivery. This process often causes abnormal movements in other body parts, leading to pain and inflammation. The back is one of them.
  • Back pain can also be a pre-labour symptom. If a backache happens during the latter stage of pregnancy, then it is always better to consult the doctor.
  • Back pain can also occur due to separation of the diastases with the rectus abdominal muscles, as the uterus expands. So, as you reach the final stages, the back ache may also intensify.

Pregnancy back pain is a very natural phenomenon; at it can therefore be avoided by simple natural means. Keeping a few things in mind during pregnancy can completely save you from this difficulty:

  • Lift things properly- When you are lifting small objects, try to lift it with your legs. There is no need to bend down, putting pressure on your tummy.
  • Sleep on one side- Do not sleep on your back or on your stomach. Always sleep on one side to reduce Pregnancy back pain. Grab a side pillow resting it in between your knees.
  • Wear the right shoes and clothes- A smart choice of pregnancy clothes and footgear is the best way to Pregnancy back pain. A flat footwear, soft floaters or flat sandals work best. Do not wear heels at all. It not only causes back ache during pregnancy, but also any other point of time. Wear comfortable clothes. Maternity pants have waist supporting bands that prevent you from back ache.
  • Put heat on your back- Daily back rub with hot water, or hot steam therapy can Pregnancy back pain . But back rubs should have gentle strokes.
  • Stand straight- Many women have the tendency to lean forward, as the baby starts growing inside the womb. This increases the tendency of backache. One should always stand straight, to distribute the body weight properly.
  • Sit with the correct posture- The best way to sit during pregnancy is to rest your back on a soft cushion, resting your back in a comfortable posture. There is a pillow, called the ozzlo pillow, which is designed especially for pregnant women. It is extra soft and uniquely curved, to support the back of a pregnant woman. You should also rest your feet on a low-level stool while sitting. This will distribute the body weight all over your body.
  • Do not stand at one place for too long- one should always keep moving, in order to Pregnancy back pain. Avoid standing at one place for too long. Instead, start walking or arrange for a place to sit.
  • Regular exercises- Consult a maternity exercise instructor and follow some easy back pain relief exercises. Do not try any exercise without the consent of a well qualifies instructor. Pelvic tilts are the most common exercises during pregnancy.
  • Walk- If exercising is not your cup of tea, then, a daily walk for 15 to20 minutes can be a good substitute. It keeps the body flexible and relaxed.
  • Medicines- Avoid using medicines as much as possible and try to treat your backache with natural remedies. However, in case things get out of control, take medicines like Acetaminophen. Do not use aspirins and ibuprofen.

There are many pregnancy back exercises that can spare you from pregnancy back pain. A few of them that are really useful during pregnancy period are:

  • Heel Sits
  • Rocking back arches
  • Trunk Twists
  • Cat Back Stretch

A few precautions should be kept in mind while performing pregnancy back exercises

  • Do slight warm up before starting the exercise
  • Ask the doctor or trainer, whether a particular exercise is right for you.
  • Ask the trainer about the right movements, and its speed and frequency. Do not be too fast while exercising and do not stretch too much.
  • Each exercise should not be repeated more than thrice.
  • Never exercise too much. Exertion can be very harmful for your baby.
  • After the fourth month of pregnancy, avoid all those exercises that require lying on your back.
  • After seven months of pregnancy do minimal exercises. Instead, do the household works. However, be sure, that you do not lift up too heavy stuffs.

Pregnancy back pain cannot be avoided. But, it can surely be reduced. Undergoing regular pregnancy back exercises, and taking the mentioned precautions right from the early stages of pregnancy, can prevent back pain in the latter stages. However, those who are not willing to exercise, can keep retain their body flexibility and fitness, by continuing with their regular house core works during the early stages, and continue doing so, in the latter stages, as long as they do not cause any exertion.

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