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Women, in general, are very intriguing by nature. When they have to buy a dress or any household material, they will fire all sorts of questions to the person over the counter. Imagine what they will do when they come to know that they are conceiving. Whether this is their first pregnancy or the third, it makes no difference when it is all about pregnancy questions and answers. In fact, pregnancy is the time when they can make the best use of their nature. And no healthcare provider would mind it because it is their right to seek answers to questions related with pregnancy.

Women have lots of questions during pregnancy. Seeking answers to those questions is necessary to ensure that the growing baby is in a good health condition. Looking for pregnancy questions and answers is not difficult. Many medical websites cater this type of services free of charge. Some might ask you to register with them. However, the best person in the world would be the gynecologist/obstetrician you are consulting to.

There are no limits to pregnancy questions since all women have different intellectual capacities and mindset. Addressing all those questions is difficult in this short passage. Therefore, we would like to handle few of the common questions, which every woman regardless of age, education, class, and background need answers for.

Your personality plays an important role in your life. The way you look and dress yourself speaks a lot about you. Women are more conscious about their personality when they are pregnant. They do not like or want to add few inches of fat around their waist or butt area. Since gaining weight is certain during pregnancy, they need an answer to this question "how much weight I will gain and what is the right weight to keep fit?" As and when the baby grows, your weight will keep increasing. If you are about to give birth to a normal baby, then you will see a difference of 2 to 4 pounds in your weight. The weight scale will go up with a few notches if the baby inside you is healthy. If you are already underweight, your consultant will ask you to gain some weight to deliver a healthy baby. On an average, the weight gain will be around 28 to 40lbs weight. With proper diet, you must increase intake of water. Remember, you have to take care of two people during pregnancy – you and your baby.

Since lots of things are spoken about the importance of exercise for a healthy delivery, the next question will be "What exercise should I do?" The answer to this question will depend on your lifestyle. If you have been exercising before pregnancy, you can continue with it. How much and how far you should exert yourself will depend on the pregnancy stage. It is no harm in continuing with your exercises during the early few weeks. However, when you are approaching the due date, you should be careful not to exhaust yourself. Your blood pressure increases during exercise as you are putting more pressure on your heart. Therefore, it is important to monitor your blood pressure while exercising. You must strictly consult your healthcare provide before starting any exercise. You can also seek help from books and CD that features pregnancy exercises.

Pregnant women enjoy lots of attention from their family and friends. Any person dropping in will bring something to eat. The person who cares for you may not know what type of diet or nutrition you require during pregnancy. That’s why many pregnant women ask "What to eat and what not to eat?" Actually, there is no diet restriction as far as you are not consuming raw meat or undercooked food. If you like non-veg food, see that is properly cooked from inside and outside. You should also avoid eating raw eggs and un-pasteurized cheese since it contains harmful bacteria. You can also cut down caffeine intake. Your consultant will guide you better on the types and nutrition volume you need during pregnancy.

These are the common pregnancy questions every pregnant woman asks and needs answer. You can find hundreds of pregnancy questions and answers on the internet. However, by following the answer, it is suggested to seek your healthcare consultant. Most of the questions on the internet may fit your conditions, but definitely, answer to your problem may be different. You must take all precaution to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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