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There are numbers of ways to perform an early pregnancy test. If you have missed your period, then it is the perfect time to have a pregnancy test. To confirm it, you can take the test in your home with the help of pregnancy check kit, or you can head to a gynecologist/obstetrician clinic. The former one is more convenient since there is no need of any intervention of another person. You alone can test it comfortably with your urine sample. The accuracy of the result will depend how clearly you have followed the instructions on the label. The latter one is more accurate and 100% sure. You need to submit your blood and urine sample that will be tested in a laboratory. Whether you are doing it a home or in the clinic, the main purpose of the test is to detect the amount of HCG (Human Chorionic Ganadotropin) in your body.

Pregnancy test cost may vary in various countries depending on what exact tests are conducted in it. For example, in India the pregnancy test costs are lowest, while there are on quite higher side in America.

As there are two options for you to check your pregnancy, you must want to know how much a pregnancy test cost. The cost will depend on which pregnancy test you prefer. If you are opting for a comfort level, then home pregnancy test is best for you. For home test, you can choose any three options that you can purchase through online or over the counter in a local pharmacy. You will have to pay for the pregnancy check kit. In clinic testing, you will have to bear the expenses of the lab testing and the doctor's fee.

When you are familiar with the types of pregnancy test, you may need to know which one is cheaper and accurate. No doubt, pregnancy testing at home is easy on the pocket. However, sometimes, you have to perform the test twice for more accuracy. In a clinic, you can get the confirmation in one testing by giving your blood sample. The pregnancy test cost you have to pay will depend on the clinic. If you are going in a swanky and highly decorative clinic, it will be expensive. Normally, the pregnancy test cost in clinics will be around $80. The additional thing you must bear in mind is that even if you have done home pregnancy test and need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, he/she will redo the test by testing your blood sample.

When you have preferred the urine test, you will have to purchase the testing kit. The pregnancy test cost at home will depend on the type of kit you are purchasing. You have three options to pick from. The test strips are the low-cost product available in the market. It will cost you somewhere around $0.40 to $0.70. You have to dip it in a urine sample collected in a cup. Pregnancy test cassette comes with a dropper. Therefore, the price is kept at $0.95 that is still less than a dollar. The expensive ones to test urine sample for pregnancy is the midstream pregnancy test kit. The price range will vary depending on the manufacturer. You will have to pay anything from $4 to $10 for each piece. Usage convenience is the reason behind paying few extra dollars for this product. With this kit, there is no need to collect urine in a cup or use the dropper. You just have to hold the wick in your urine stream for few seconds, and the result will be seen in 3 minutes maximum on the window of the device.

If you are putting more weight on accuracy rather the cost, you should better go for blood testing to confirm your pregnancy. It is more accurate than urine testing. Blood testing can be done as early as possible after conception. You can get the result in seven to 12 days. On the other hand, urine testing needs some time to produce accurate results. This is because during the first two weeks of conception, the hCG level in your urine is low. It increases as the time of conception passed by. Whereas, with blood testing, it is possible to confirm the result even if the hcG level is low. Moreover, problems that may arise during pregnancy can be easily tracked with this testing. However, you cannot ignore the accuracy of urine tests.

The choice on how much to spend to confirm your pregnancy is up to you. You can choose comfort and low-cost or be ready to pay $100 at the max to consolidate your doubt about pregnancy. However, when the news is going to change your life forever, you should not worry about pregnancy test cost.

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