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Pregnancy is about nurturing the expecting child and enjoying the feeling of motherhood. Pregnancy is not a time to follow a diet plan or to follow any weight reduction program. Gaining some weight during pregnancy is unavoidable.

As soon as women become pregnant, they start suffering from a fear of becoming fat. They start looking for a way to control their weight. Many times, it happens that they start exercise in order to control their weight and eventually get trapped in a weight reduction program.

Pregnancy and weight gain

During pregnancy, much of the weight is due to the baby, the placenta that holds the baby and the amniotic fluid that works as a support layer to the baby. Your body starts storing fat, as it has to supply food and nutrients to the baby and helps in producing milk in the mammary glands after your baby is born.

Studies show that women need an extra 300 calories per day during pregnancy. It is always good to gain some weight during pregnancy in order to take care of your child. However, being overweight is definitely not advisable as it can lead to many complications for you and your baby. How much is the correct amount of weight one should gain depends on your body weight before pregnancy.

Experts suggest that if you are underweight before pregnancy then it is always good to gain extra weight during pregnancy, as it will fulfill all the requirements of your body and your baby. It has been found that mothers who were under weight during pregnancy have suffered from premature deliveries, low birth weight baby etc.

If your weight is normal before pregnancy then you should gain a little more weight. Generally, women gain more weight during the first trimester of pregnancy. Many times early pregnancy weight gain increases body cells resistance to insulin. Therefore, excessive weight gain by first trimester is linked to the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Therefore, gaining weight is important but monitoring your weight gain and keeping it to a safe level is equally important.

Women who are already overweight before pregnancy and gain more weight during pregnancy are more likely to develop gestational diabetes in the later stage of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is a disease in which body cells are resistant to glucose. This disease can cause many serious problems to you and your baby.

If you are expecting twins or triplets then you need to gain more weight in order to feed your baby.

Pregnancy and weight gain calculator

You can keep track of your weight gain with the help of weight gain calculator. When you type your before pregnancy weight, current pregnancy week and your height in the calculator it will display a weight gain chart describing your weight condition against the proposed amount of weight you should have.

As said earlier, pregnancy is not a time to diet. If you are dieting that means you are not supplying proper nutrients to your baby. For a safe and healthy baby you should eat proper food rich in nutrients in a planned manner.

Chart below shows where the gained weight is distributed:

Weight [pound]
Maternal fluids in tissue4
Maternal blood4
Amniotic fluid2

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