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Being able to conceive is the finest gift god has ever given to a woman. Moreover, a woman is considered complete only after she gives birth to a baby, of course legally. It takes total nine months to deliver a baby. From the time of pregnancy confirmation until the birth of the child, there are many check up a pregnant woman has to undergo. During the early days, women used to take instruction from midwives or elderly woman who has seen and helped many in labor. However, the delivery those days never used to be 100% safe and many had even lost their lives in the process. Today, a safe and healthy delivery is very much possible due to medical advancement if one follows the pregnancy check up procedure.

As medical facilities and knowledge of labor science are easily available in this modern time, much depend on how serious you are about birthing a child. When all the initial tests have been proved positive, you need to visit a gynecologist. He/she will decide the pregnancy check up procedure for you. To ensure the baby’s and the mother’s health, doctors would usually adopt the following measures.

During pregnancy, it is important to maintain your health. Some women who are conscious about their weight have to be cautious since dieting to be slim can cause them problem during the labor. This does not imply that you should keep eating anything and everything to increase your weight. In fact, body weight of pregnant women should be in proper scale according to the doctors’ recommendation. Doctors would first check your weight and prescribe you a calculated diet that will keep your weight under check and ensure you and your baby get the right nutrition, which is important for a safe delivery.

Checking your blood pressure and blood sample is also important during pregnancy. Doctors would check your blood to know the blood group and to identify if you are suffering from anemia. They will also check whether there are any risks of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and immunity to measles, etc. An ultrasound scan is also compulsory to check your baby’s size. The testing result would provide you with the accurate due date.

Further, to check if you are not affected with diabetes, a urine and blood test would be performed. The check up procedure will also include kidney testing to understand any infections or other problems that may complicate your pregnancy.

The pregnancy check up procedure will also depend on your age. It is believed that the complication of delivery in aged women is higher comparing to young women. Extra care should be taken if you in your mid thirties. Besides, your lifetime and origin also plays an important role in the check up procedure.

If you are a working person, your employer will not grant you leave till you complete seven month of your pregnancy. Since you are allowing your body and mind to do the physical and mental work associated with your job, you are exerting yourself in that process. At the end of the day, you need complete rest and proper diet to recover the energy you lost at your work. If you ask your doctor, he/she will recommend you some light exercises or yoga to stay fit and healthy. If you are a habitual or a social smoker, you must quit it or else it will have adverse effect on your baby. Doctors will also advice you to refrain from drinking any alcoholic drinks, if you have been drinking prior to your pregnancy.

The common check up procedure during pregnancy includes Amniocentesis test. Doctors will extract amniotic fluids from your body to check any fetal abnormalities. Usually, this test is conducted once you have completed 15 weeks of your pregnancy. The test also confirms if your baby is growing normally both mentally and physically. In the medical terminology, this test is referred as Down syndrome. This condition generally arises due to the genes your carry in your body. Sometimes, these genetic substances complicate the growth and development of a child. A cystic fibrosis test is also common that helps in detecting disease in the vital body organs such as lungs and digestive system. To perform these tests, a needle is inserted to extract the amniotic fluids in the area that covers the fetus. Further, depending of the outcome of the test, the doctors would advice ultrasound test. They may also check the stress level in you.

The pregnancy check up procedure would depend on the expertise of your doctors. Many are capable of identifying problems in the first four weeks of the pregnancy period. The only need here to ensure a normal delivery is to follow the check up procedures and do as recommended by the doctors.

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