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A pregnant woman has to go through many checkups to ensure she delivers a healthy baby, and the delivery is normal. When you first visit the gynecologist, she or he will ask you to wait until your period is delayed for at least two months. Since missing periods is clear indication of being pregnant, you must visit the doctors. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, then they will schedule your pregnancy check up.

Pregnancy check up schedule is divided into three trimesters. The first appointment will take place when you are completing three months of your pregnancy. Among all the appointments you will have with the doctor, the first appointment is the most tiring and lengthy. This is the time when your doctor will ask your tons of questions about your family’s medical background, genetic disorders, etc. The main reason behind learning your family’s health details is to check about diseases that are easily transferred from your ancestors such as diabetes.

If you are expecting your first baby, you must ask many questions without any hesitations to the doctor. He/she will be happy to answer your queries and doubts. You can ask about nutrition, exercise, sexual relations, and anything you should strictly avoid and follow it ardently. You can make an appointment specially to seek answers to your queries.

Your first check up schedule will have the following testing:

Pelvic Exam

This is a physical examination of the pelvic organs. It is one of the important and preventive measures to check the health of pregnant women. With this examination, doctors can decide the size and position of organs that are important while birthing a child. This includes the vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries. This test is performed to detect early signs of cancer, infections and other diseases that are transferred through sexual intercourse.

Blood Test

Blood test is done to know your blood group, hemoglobin count, and HIV/AIDS. This is usually done at the first appointment. In case, you are suffering from any other problem during the pregnancy, your doctor may perform this test again.

Additional test at first appointment will be for blood pressure, urine examination, measuring height and weight, and breast examination. After completing three months of pregnancy, doctors will also check the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. Some testing is done only at the first visit. This includes a vaginal examination. In case your doctors ask to go for this test again, you may request justified answers.

First trimester test will have these common tests:

Pregnancy Tests
Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
Prenatal Testing Basics

Your second trimester check up will begin from the 13 weeks until 26 weeks. Doctors will schedule your appointment once in every four weeks during this time. Further, based on your health, the number of visits may be increased.

Common test during second trimester will include the following:

Alphafetoprotein (AFP) Test (Triple Screen, Quad Screen, etc.)
Ultrasound Testing
Prenatal Testing Basics

The third trimester is the time when you are about to complete 27 pregnancy weeks. This period is more crucial because in some cases premature delivery takes place during this time. Therefore, doctors will schedule your appointment every alternate week. Further, as you enter 36 weeks of your pregnancy, you will have to visit your doctor every week. When you cross the due date, as it happens in some cases, your visit to the doctor will be more frequent. You will be called every alternate day until the child is born.

Common tests during third trimester include:

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
Non-stress Testing
Bio Physical Profile (BPP)
Stress Test
Ultrasound Testing
Prenatal Testing Basics

Before visiting your doctor for check up, it is better to make a list of questions to be asked. This way, you will not skip or forget anything you need to ask. Doctors understand your curiosity and eagerness to have a baby. Therefore, none of your questions will go unattended. If your doctor is too busy with other patients, you may request an additional time when you can get your questions answered.

You should stick to your pregnancy check up schedule. Usually, the check up will be scheduled as follows: Till 28 weeks, you have to visit every fourth week of each month. After that, your visits will be increased to two weeks each month until 36 weeks of pregnancy. Thereafter, doctors will fix an appointment every week past 36 weeks. If this is so, then your appointment will be every alternate day till you give birth to a child.

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