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Pregnancy is a very important part of a woman's life. No matter whether it is the first second or third pregnancy, every pregnancy is different. Second pregnancy

Second pregnancy is equally important in a woman's life. She is going to be a mother for the second time. There will be lot of excitement and also a sense of relaxation as she has already gone through the whole process during her first pregnancy. One knows from prior experience of first pregnancy, what to expect from the second pregnancy. As said earlier every pregnancy is different hence, the second pregnancy may give some surprises in terms of physical and mental conditions.

Many women say that their second pregnancy is no different from the first. Many say that they have experienced the differences. Whatever may be the case, expert suggests that a mother expecting her second child must join another series of childbirth classes. This will help her in preparing both physically and mentally.

Second Pregnancy Differences

Symptoms of second pregnancy are more or less same as the first pregnancy. However, a mother will notice many differences during the second pregnancy.

The major challenge of second pregnancy is to handle first child especially if your child is young. It might happen that you first child make you so busy that you are not taking care of yourself and your pregnancy. It is quite possible that you will feel emotionally distant from this pregnancy. No need to panic, it is a normal reaction and this does not indicate that you do not love your second child. You just need to concentrate and practice to increase your emotional involvement.

This time you may feel extra tired because you have to look after your first child, yourself and your pregnancy.

For many women, morning sickness is not as bad as they had experienced during their first pregnancy. Again, this is not a rule and it may vary from woman to woman.

Due to your first pregnancy, your uterus muscles are more flexible and a bit loose. You may start showing pregnancy sooner.

This time you start feeling the baby's movement in your belly much sooner. A second time mother easily differentiates between baby's movement and intestinal gas. She already knows all those sensations and feeling of the baby's movement.

This time your abdominal muscles are loose and weak, as they have already under gone expansion during the first pregnancy. Due to this, it cannot hold the baby with that firmness as it had earlier. Therefore, the fetus drops lower in the abdomen.

This time your back pain and pelvic pressure may be intense. As your fetus drops lower in the abdomen, it increases the pressure. Repeated pregnancy also puts a lot of pressure on these body parts.

If one had a vaginal birth the first time then the labor time in second pregnancy reduces. However, this is not a rule and depends on the situation.

Any mother expecting her second child should take care of herself. If your first child is small, take him out in a pram for a walk. Do light exercises at home by consulting your doctor. Manage your stress level by meditating. Share your feelings and emotions with your husband.

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