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Ultrasound Pregnancy Test

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Ultrasound is one of the possible and perhaps the most positive methods of confirming one's pregnancy. Ultrasound works on the theory of sound waves and produces images of the inside part of the body on a computer screen that is attached as an extension to the diagnostic tool. To check pregnancy, your doctor will apply a sticky and damp gel on your abdomen and roll the hand tool or a scanner all over it. As it is moved, an inside image of your abdomen is seen on the screen. The images flashed on the screen can confirm the size of the baby and the working condition of its heart. Your doctor can also tell you how other vital parts of the baby such as kidney, spine and brain are developing. You will also come to know the anticipated delivery date with an ultrasound pregnancy test.

Why you should do ultrasound pregnancy test?

Most of us have the habit of doing a pregnancy check with a urine test. Since lots of biological changes take place inside the body of a pregnant woman, it generates hCG hormones. Though the level of the hormone at the early stage of the pregnancy is low, it increases after few weeks or months. You can use a pregnancy check kit at home and do the urine test. However, sometimes the result may not be accurate. This does not mean that the kit is not working properly. Actually, it just checks the hCG hormone level in your urine and shows the result. The hCG level in your body may increase in case you have been taking treatment to become pregnant, which could show a positive result in the urine test. Further, there is also a chance that you may be conceiving, but your body is not generating enough hCG to confirm your pregnancy. Hence, ultrasound pregnancy test is the most reliable and proven method of pregnancy check.

How does ultrasound works and what is the procedure?

Ultrasound uses the reflection of high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your baby on the screen. The sound waves are not easy for human ear to hear it. When the scanning device is exposed to the focused part of the body, it produces sound waves that travel through your skin and generates the image on the screen wherever it is rolled. It is not only accurate but also the safest method of scanning since there is no use of radiation that can create problems to your baby.

The procedure to do an ultrasound scanning is simple and it does not take long. You will have to drink plenty of water few hours before the scanning. You will also need to control your urge to urinate since a full bladder will help in getting a clear image, as it will keep on pushing against your womb. While the scanning is the process, you can see images of your baby inside your womb on the monitor. Your doctor will keep commenting about the images of your baby on the screen. When it is complete, you will receive print out of the images to take it to your home. You can also request to video tape the process and ask for a CD.

What you can know with ultrasound pregnancy test?

No doubt, ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy. However, it is also likely that your doctor may ask to go for some additional tests after seeing the ultrasound results. Therefore, you must confirm it with her/him before going for the procedure. Ensure that you are properly informed what further steps you may have to take after the scanning. Besides confirming the health of the baby, ultrasound can also discover signs of abnormal conditions. However, it will not directly point or reveal the concerned conditions. For this, your doctor will recommend you to a specialist who can check fetal abnormalities.

What ultrasound does?

Ultrasound helps in finding the age and development of your baby. It can also confirm if it is more than one baby inside your womb. Most importantly, it will assure you that your baby is growing normally and when you can expect the delivery date.

In addition, doctors will be able to know the position of the baby and the placenta. They can also access the possibility of early pregnancy and find if there is any chance of the baby growing outside the womb. A mother can also listen to her baby's heartbeat and see its movement on the screen.

Ultrasound pregnancy test is the safest and most reliable method of checking pregnancy. Ever since it is used, there is no single evidence in the medical world raising doubt over the ill effects on mother and the baby.

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